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Summer is approaching fast and you want to have your backyard mosquito free and ready to entertain family and friends.  That's where we come in.  We offer the full line of diy mosquito spray systems from both MistAway and Pynamite.  Each diy mosquito mister can be purchased individually or in an installation kit.  The installation kits are designed to help you purchase the exact system needed without buying unessary parts.  

Our staff members are here to help and with over 15 years installing bug misting systems you can be sure that you're buying from the experts.

MistAway and Pynamite are the leading manufacturers in misting equipment based out of Houston, Texas.  In the world of a home mosquito system there are two types.  Let's take a minute to explore each of them and how they function.

Drum Based -  We call this the original as it is what the misting industry was built on.  From day 1 the inventor of the mosquito misting system used a 55 gallon poly tank,

motor, pump and timer to deliver insecticide through a nozzle circuit.  This dependable way of delivering a fine mist of pyrethrum has been prooven to be effective from homeowners and pest control officals world wide.  Pest Pool and Lawn has worked along with the founders of both MistAway and Pynamite since day 1 and back each company equally.  

Tankless - The tankless system produced by MistAway has now become one of the most popular models sold due to it's reliability and precise managment of delivering misting concentrates.   While we call this a tankless system it's really not.  Don't let the words fool you because all in all it's what's inside that matters.  The tankless system produced by MistAway is known as the Gen iii plus and utilizes what is known as the batch delivery method.  

How does the Gen iii plus work?  

The MistAway Gen iii plus has a one gallon reservoir inside a durable weather tight enclosure.  The one gallon resevoir is first filled with water by what is cal

led a water inlet solenoid valve.  Once the tank has been filled with water it raises a float switch which triggers the solenoids water source to be shut off.  At this point the electronic controller knows exactly the amount of water by used the flow meter.  Based upon how much water was used to fill the tank, the system now knows the precise amount of misting concentrate to use.  Just knowing the exact amounts to deliver is what makes this system so unique and effective.   

The MistAway System is a work of art! 

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Slimline Mosquito Misting Nozzle Tip
Hago  Mosquito Misting Nozzle Tip
Sector Misting Concentrate - 1/2 gal
Misting System 1/4 Inch Union Coupling - 10 pk
Sector 4 Pk.  1/2 gal 4 - Pack
1/4 inch Dyna Clamp Black - 100 Pack
MistAway Nozzle Kit - 10 pk 45 degree kit
MistAway Gen 1.3 with Agitator 55 Gallon 30 Nozzle Kit
5.0 Out Of 5 (5.0 on 1)
Mosquito Misting Pump 107 GPH MistAway
Misting System Union Elbow 1/4 inch- 10 pk
MistAway Gen III Plus 30 Nozzle Kit
5.0 Out Of 5 (5.0 on 1)
Slimline MistAway Nozzles - 10 pk 45 degree
Misting System Union Tee - 10 pk
MistAway Riser Kit 15 in - 10 pk Kit
Tengard SFR One-Shot Liquid Termiticide/Insecticide  1.25 gal.
1/4 inch black tubing 500 feet
MistAway Riser Kit 30 in - 10 pk Kit
MistAway Wind Sensor
1/4 inch Dyna Clamp White 100 Pack
MistAway Gen III Plus 50 Nozzle Kit
Tube Release Tool
1/4 inch Tan Tubing 500 feet
MistAway Gen 1.3 with Agitator 55 Gallon 50 Nozzle Kit
Tube Cutter
MistAway Gen 1.3 with Agitator 55 Gallon 20 Nozzle Kit
1/4 inch White Tubing 500 feet
MistAway Gen 1.3 55 Gallon
MistAway Nozzle Kit - 10 pk straight kit
Gen III + LED Status - Warning Light Replacement
MistAway Gen III Plus 40 Nozzle Kit
MistAway Gen 1.3 55 Gallon 30 Nozzle Kit
MistAway Zone Kit Gen III - Online Do It Yourself
MistAway Gen 1.3 55 Gallon 50 Nozzle Kit
MistAway Gen 1.3 with Agitator 55 Gallon 10 Nozzle Kit
Gen 1 EFA HMI Board